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Pickups, Anywhere

Through the COVID-19 crisis, we’ve learned that one size does not fit all when it comes to retail experiences. Headless features for Pickup in OneView’s OmniChannel Orchestration are currently empowering our retailers to serve customers when, where, and how needed.

Using OneView Pickup Anywhere, leaders, like Kroger, are extending their existing processes and legacy infrastructure with our feature-as-a-service transaction engine to offer curbside, no-contact, and in-store pickups that respond to unprecedented customer demand.

With complete control of the user experience via the headless infrastructure, retailers have control to target their specific business objectives and continually adjust their response as the situation evolves. 


OneView’s Pickup Capabilities Include:

  • Feature-as-a-Service platform functions to create store, curbside, and no-contact pickups that complement existing store technology
  • Interface to consume orders from any source 
  • A detailed transaction record consumable by downstream systems
  • Control to create targeted associate experiences that optimize workflows and processes
  • Receiving and staging that enables expanded fulfillment and pickup location options 
  • Powerful substitution management to provide the best product options based on customer choice to combat inventory availability
  • Headless to give you control to imagine and deliver a unique response to your customer needs and business objectives


Reach out to see how leaders like Kroger are pivoting to serve customers at the moment of need.

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