Power Commerce Anywhere 

Transform store services and extend into digital from a single commerce engine


Transact - Engage at any physical touchpoint, including point of sale, mobile POS, self-service, kiosks and more. Improve services with linebusting, pay at curb, in-store engagement, pop-up stores, or evolve in-store by replacing legacy checkout and self-service lanes.

Absolute real-time inventory movements from every interaction

Inventory - Manage real-time stock balances as each transaction in every channel is executed. Taking live feeds of transactional data, OneView tracks every buy and sell and provides every application with instant access to balances. Make it easy for store associates to locate, transfer, or ship items from anywhere.

Give every store fast updates and view of any cross-channel orders

Distributed OMS - Give every store a simple and continuously updated view of order flow for store fulfillment from your order management system. This omnichannel-first view ensures that stores can quickly see and manage orders from any source.

Efficient processes to optimize every associate workflow

Store Logistics - Empower every store as a warehouse with cross-channel logistics services that guide and empower your team to deliver on customer expectations. Features include the OneView Alert Center that provides role-based task management services, our Pick and Pack workflow that directs fulfillment of store orders, Pickup Handover Workflows and more.

Seamless movement of the cart from one point to another during the customer journey

Shared Cart - Create an endless aisle to find products anywhere and get them into your customer's hands. Share cart information that begins in another channel to eliminate friction as your customer moves across touchpoints, and use cart extensions to access other systems while building the cart, including bill pay, value-add services, targeted promotions and more.

Leverage insights on customer preferences and behaviors to serve and delight

Personalization - Call on ready-use framework services to pull customer information from CRM or another customer master into your transactions, as well as the extended personalization services that deliver clienteling, promotions and more. 

Manage interactions from every point of contact

Digital Commerce - Rapidly build your digital storefront to create an online presence as another entry point into the buying journey for store transactions, pickup, delivery or more. Like every Framework Service, the storefront is powered by the OneView Transaction Engine and enables retailers to define, own and deliver the experience from first look to final payment.

Extend valuable services right to customer's doorstep

Last Mile - Engagement doesn't stop when the payment happens. Delight customers by bringing value to their doorstep, including delivery, pay-at-door, and other value-add features like related products to maximize customer satisfaction at every step of the journey. 

Next Generation POS + Digital Experiences, Fast

With a target architecture anchored in control, agility, and innovation, Kroger turned to OneView for a Retail-as-a-Service Platform that empowered them to build customer experiences that differentiate and transform with speed, agility and purpose.

  • Transformed customer experience for grocery pickups at Walgreens
  • All CX built and deployed by Kroger via OneView RaaS platform
  • Experience reimagined + delivered in 20 weeks
Kroger has been working with OneView to delight customers since 2018

Answer to the Challenge of New Business Opportunities, Fast

Faced with aging store infrastructure and a fast-moving business model that looked to take advantage of new opportunities for customer engagement, Australia Post turned to OneView for the platform that put them in control to build the store and customer experiences they needed, fast. Beginning with a mobile store experience to prove the approach, the team rapidly gained support and funding for a multi-year digital transformation anchored in control, agility and speed-to-market

  • Proved the business case for a retail-as-a-service platform with agile planning and delivery
  • Empowered to build and evolve their own customer experiences for maximum relevance
  • New mobile store experience delivered fast to provide proof points for full program
Australia Post has been working with OneView to delight customers since 2017
Delight customers at every touchpoint

Frictionless engagement at every touchpoint

Robust library of commerce features

Robust feature-as-a-service library powers commerce anywhere

Inject innovation without disrupting your legacy tech stack

Extend or replace existing commerce systems

Continuous customer enagement

Empower 360 degree engagement

Don’t take our word for it, try the platform and see for yourself

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