OneView Commerce & IBM Deliver the Digital Store


OneView & IBM Global Commerce
OneView is a leading IBM Commerce Partner with significant experience working with global retailers to identify omnichannel opportunities and solve complex cross channel business challenges from store to online and beyond. With the ability to deliver powerful omnichannel solutions combined with a full, global-ready point of sale suite, OneView is uniquely positioned to deliver proven, technically leading solutions to retailers around the world in the age of the digital store.

OneView Digital Store
With the OneView Digital Store, IBM and OneView Commerce now empower retailers to engage and enlighten customers through a powerful and differentiating in-store experience where the store acts as the digital hub of content, cross channel interaction, engagement and optimization on the continuously evolving customer journey.

OneView Commerce Digital Store is fully integrated with IBM’s Commerrce Platform and delivers a full suite of omnichannel use cases as well as the mobile and fixed point of sale capabilities required by global tier one retailers.

OneView and IBM create a seamless shopping experience across all touchpoints including online, in-store, and mobile. OneView leverages the power of the commerce platform to identify customers early in the experience journey enabling personalization and engagement while arming store associates with the information they need to maximize conversions.

Key features of the OneView Digital Store:
  • Single view of products, customers, orders, inventory, orders, pricing and promotions
  • Full mobile and fixed point of sale capabilities for global retailers
  • Services oriented architecture combined with the latest, most powerful web development tools
  • Engineered for lightweight intermittent connectivity and offline support
  • Cloud enabled
  • Adheres to PCI and device security best practices
  • Enterprise-driven dynamic device updates require no intervention


OneView Digital Store Platform


The Business Case for the Digital Store
For cross channel to be successful in the store, the customer must be identified as early in the journey as possible. Therefore, retailers must offer key features and services in the online channel that provide benefits to the customer and give a compelling reason for the customer to “sign up” for the service and to reveal their shopping cart prior to entering the store. Features including Click & Collect, Book a Meeting, Reserve Online Buy in Store, and Return Anywhere have all shown to be very successful cross channel offerings that not only drive the customer into the physical store but also increase customer satisfaction.

Offering the cross channel features in the online store has proven to not be enough to make the program successful. Employees in the store require tools and services that educate and empower them about the customer and the customer’s cart so that they can engage, educate and thus increase conversions and drive additional sales. The OneView Commerce Digital Store Platform provides features that allow the store associate to understand more about their expected customers and utilize features of the digital platform for education, up selling and cross selling.

Once the customer is in the physical store, access to the online channel, with easy and fast online orders, empowers the store associate to ensure the customer never hears “No, we do not have that.” The store associate has access to hundreds of additional items outside of the four brick and mortar walls, allowing for unparalleled service and satisfied customers.

The Business Case for the Digital Store

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