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Share Dealing Arrangement


The Company’s Ordinary Shares were cancelled from trading on AIM on 11 October 2018.

The Shares are no longer traded on a registered exchange, however, the Board has put in place an internal process that will allow Shareholders or persons wishing to acquire or sell Ordinary Shares to leave an indication that they are prepared to buy or sell at an agreed price. The Company will then use its reasonable endeavors to contact those parties that are willing to buy and sell in order that they may discuss effecting the transaction.

Any shareholder wishing to bid to buy Shares or offer to sell Shares should complete the Share Dealing Form below and email it to  Any offers or bids made in this way, only represent an indication to sell or buy and are not, at this stage, legally binding.

The Company will keep a register of all bids and offers to buy or sell shares. When the bid and offer prices from any buyers/sellers match, the Company will contact each shareholder to facilitate the sale and registration of the new shareholder.

Download Share Dealing Arrangement Form