Omnichannel Orchestration


Pickup Anywhere

As behaviors, business conditions, and market forces continue to evolve rapidly, retailers able to offer curbside, no-contact, or in-store pickups are at a distinct advantage. Leveraging our feature-as-a-service transaction engine, you can augment existing processes and legacy applications with powerful new functionality that answers to customer needs. Key functions include:

  • Receiving of orders and staging of pickups including associate and customer notification
  • Complete control to build unique create, cancel and modify pickup processes that support business and customer demand
  • Ability to offer, manage and track substitutions including associate and customer notification and approval

Returns + Reverse Logistics

The ability to create effective processes to accept the return of digital orders in-store is fast becoming a powerful differentiation in brand experience. However, the impact on the business without customer and associate experiences defined and available creates significant cost and risk. Leveraging the OneView platform, retailers have the freedom to build a return and reverse logistics process that works for them and their customers. Capabilities include:

  • Ownership of the user and associate experience
  • Define and manage unique merchandise disposition by product, type or other definition that gets inventory back into the chain quickly
  • Consume return transactions into legacy backend to quickly create meaningful processes without long development cycles


The ability to create and manage appointments is a function that enables retailers to respond to a variety of business situations efficiently. From managing customer to associate interactions to quickly enabling individual store engagement where required, appointments allow you to service customers effectively. Features include:

  • Define the create, cancel, modify appointment process including customer and associate experience
  • Control over the number of appointment slots, blackout times, and holidays
  • Tie appointment information and outcomes to customer baskets, transactions, cross-sell, and up-sell

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