OneView Promotions Engine supports a broad set of triggers and parameters such as product or merchandise groups, product attributes, retailer-defined promotion rules, start/end dates, and more. Templates save marketers time in creating promotions that will likely be repeated in the future. These include:

  • Total basket rewards
  • Configurable triggers and rewards
  • Thresholds and tiers
  • Defined discount application across basket
  • Reduced price

Templates combined with flexible rules provide a range of unlimited opportunities for highly targeted promotions, i.e., a promotion that applies to specific items or categories, but excluding specific brands from special store sales. Other examples include:

  • Product brand offer at a fixed price
  • Rebates on specific product lines
  • Discounts on specific product bundles
  • Buy one, get one
  • Defined promotional triggers
  • Rewards on spending level within a product category (same manufacturer or combination)
  • Define mix and match parameters

Additionally, OneView Promotions Engine features a variety of triggers and parameters that provide highly customized promotion opportunities, including these and more:

  • Product or merchandise groups
  • Product attributes
  • Coupons to trigger retailer-defined promotion rules
  • Defined time periods
    • Start/end dates
    • Black periods for suspension
    • Happy hour days and times
  • Geography and location hierarchy levels

Experience how OneView Promotions Engine’s easy-to-use interface and extensive capabilities save precious time in creating and implementing targeted promotions and measuring results.  It works seamlessly with OneView Digital Store Platform or any other enterprise point of sale system, or as a standalone application.

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