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In order to survive continual disruption, retailers have little choice but to embrace change and transform their businesses quickly as they are able. However, this is not a simple exercise. While there is no standard recipe, there are practical steps that businesses can take to accelerate their their transformation journey. Strong executive leadership is obviously vital. And modern enterprise architecture is a powerful tool for helping business leaders plan, navigate and manage the changes they must make to operate in a fast-paced, customer experience-driven digital world. 

An Enterprise Architect's Guide to Navigating the "Experience" Economy: Download the Report

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OneView Digital Store Platform's feature-as-a-service transaction engine empowers the relevant, agile engagement that creates signature brand experiences to disrupt, differentiates, and delight customers. Take control of point of sale, inventory, promotions, and omnichannel orchestration to increase loyalty and transform every interaction that matters.

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OneView pioneers digital transformation in retail by bringing the only headless, API-first retail-as-a-service platform into production, empowering innovative retailers to build POS, commerce, and digital experiences fast. Combining point of sale, inventory management, enterprise promotions, and omnichannel orchestration, OneView significantly reduced regret spend and dramatically increases speed-to-market with a commerce engine that allows control and innovation at every touchpoint.

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A look at key solutions across personalization, promotion, and customer engagement that are helping retail brands keep pace with rising shopper expectations across channels. 

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As Millennials became the largest living generation and Gen Z came of age, the digitally driven consumer now possesses a purchasing power that fully transforms what is expected from retailers. But despite their reputation as the first truly digital generations, both Millennials and Gen Z have very high expectations for the ‘in-store’ experience. 

OneView Digital Store: Download the Datasheet

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Research indicates that of the 82% of in-store shoppers who experienced stock-outs, 65% of them took their business elsewhere or did not buy at all. The ability to reduce lost sales by enabling associates to fulfill each customer’s buying preferences, where they want to buy provides a tremendous improvement to the bottom line as well as drives omnichannel success.

OneView Inventory Management: Download the Datasheet

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Account-based marketing enables retailers who invest in cross-channel customer behavior tracking and analysis to create personalized promotions that drive revenue, better manage inventory and foster loyalty. The more  you know about your customer's shopping behaviors the more effectively you can engage and reward them with promotions that will interest them.

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With outlets in 4000+ communities and a trusted brand throughout the country, the Australia Post vision was to extend the relationship with their customers beyond the currently offered trusted services such as postage, bill pay and banking to embrace more complex interactions that begin at home and are completed in store. This included business strategies that would enable key omnichannel interactions such as extended catalogs to bring a wider assortment of products to the local and rural communities and thereby extend the reach of the Australia Post brand. 

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As an innovative and fast-growing retailer, the challenges to remain competitive in today’s landscape is not just challenging but daunting.

Your store systems should empower you to focus on your brand, customers, and growth while it provides you with a technology solution that scales with you as you execute on those objectives.

Learn more about the key features you should expect in a modern solution designed for retail today.


5 Core Values for Modern Store Systems: Download the Datasheet