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Targeted Commerce

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Kroger1With OneView, Kroger's build, test, learn delivers for the business.

By empowering control and innovation with our headless commerce infrastructure and modern cloud architecture, OneView enables Kroger to predict customer preferences and respond with experiences that work.

  • Headless unified commerce transaction engine for control and agility to create transformative customer and retail experiences
  • Empowers Kroger to reimagine, develop and own the unique customer experiences
  • Cloud transaction platform that makes brand differentiation fast, consistent and easy
  • Fast time-to-market with critical use cases including Pickup and Delivery, with the platform capabilities to iteratively deliver your full unified commerce vision


auspost (1)-2Point of sale answers to challenge of new business opportunities, fast.

Faced with aging store infrastructure and a fast-moving business model ready to take advantage of new opportunities for customer engagement, Australia Post turned to OneView for a point of sale strategy that would give them the control to build store and customer experiences that resonated for their brand and business. With mobile point of sale running alongside their legacy footprint and delivered into stores within months, the OneView program rapidly gained support and funding for a multi-year digital transformation for unified commerce anchored in control, agility and speed.

  • Enable new, complex customer services in-store
  • Expedite speed to market and reduct cost to serve customers
  • Capture data and streamline processing
  • Simplify store operations and create efficiency across business
  • Sustain role in communities by providing essential and expanded services
Point of Sale
Point of Sale
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Pick + Pack
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