Continuous Engagement on the Customer Journey

The ability of today's educated and wired customers to transcend traditional channel barriers has left many retailers struggling to keep pace. In response, successful retailers are transforming their approach to commerce by demanding One View of the retail landscape — a single view of customers, orders, inventory, pricing, loyalty and more. Smart phones, social networks and interconnected technologies make a “crisp” experience at every touchpoint imperative to attract customers and keep them coming back. Tight margins, complex supply chains and intricate market infrastructure make operating efficiency a must. Based on the engagement-driven digital commerce platform, OneView is making cross channel transformation a reality with retailers around the world.
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The Evolution of Point of Sale — Connect, Engage, Convert

Unlike yesterday’s POS, a modern commerce suite such as OneView Commerce Store, is a customer interaction and engagement platform where business drivers determine which functions will be leveraged at the traditional point of sale. For some retailers, this might be POS functions where mobility brings speed, efficiency and flexibility to existing processes through line busting, on-floor engagement or pop-up stores. For others, opportunities exist to take business processes in entirely new directions by leveraging the online channel to drive more traffic to the store or to capture a 360 degree view of the customer before they arrive in store with integrated appointment booking. This holistic view of commerce has become the defining point of the modern point of sale suite. Next generation POS now ensures that once the customer arrives in the store, associates have the view of customer history, behaviors and plans that allows them to prepare specific cross sell and up sell offers to extend the customer visit into a targeted engagement opportunity.

Key Drivers in the Evolution of Point of Sale

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Enabling Experience
Delivering OneView of the retail landscape to provide a powerful and relevant customer experience at every point of interaction.
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Empowering Commerce
OneView empowers retailers by giving them full control of the store solutions to enable their unique experience.