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It’s simple really — today’s customer doesn’t do channels, they do experience.

The ability of today's educated and wired customers to transcend traditional channel barriers has left many retailers struggling to keep pace. In response, successful retailers are transforming their approach to commerce by demanding One View of the retail landscape — a single view of customers, orders, inventory, pricing, loyalty and more. Smart phones, social networks and interconnected technologies make a “crisp” experience at every touchpoint imperative to attract customers and keep them coming back. Tight margins, complex supply chains and intricate market infrastructure make operating efficiency a must.
Driven by OneView's store-focused Commerce Platform, OneView frees retailers from the restrictions of inflexible and decades-old configuration-based store systems. The Commerce Platform provides the first fully experience-driven commerce infrastructure that combines a powerful services oriented architecture, process-based application design and common libraries and resources with powerful fixed and mobile point of sale application suites to enable seamless cross commerce interactions from the store up.
OneView Mobile Commerce marks the first fully responsive, hybrid mobile application that works with any new or legacy point of sale. We leverage the powerful mobile development technologies of today to solve retail’s toughest challenges in a successful mobile commerce deployment. No other mobile solution can offer the robust power and inherent agility that OneView provides while still enabling retailers to maintain full control and ability to adapt the system to meet their unique and ever-changing customer experience.
See how leading retailers are taking OneView of the retail landscape to deliver a powerful and relevant customer experience at every point of customer interaction -- store, web, mobile, social, digital and more.

At OneView, it’s your view that matters...Today, tomorrow and every day.

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