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OneView Commerce transforms retail technology with a single unified commerce transaction engine that synchronizes engagement — everywhere.
The Power of the Store
The Agility of the Cloud

In 2010, OneView was founded when e-Commerce was hot and the store was not. With the release of the Apple 3GS smartphone, it didn’t take long for shoppers who began surfing the web to comparison shop while in brick and mortar stores and discover that e-Commerce and in-store experiences were not in sync. The result was an inconsistent, confusing shopping journey .

Understanding the need to bring the store back into the shopping conversation, OneView Founders Stuart Mitchell and Linda Palanza along with their start-up team intended to disrupt traditional retail. Their vision was simple yet critical for omnichannel retailers’ efficient operations and buyer satisfaction: One view of customers, orders, and inventory throughout the shopping journey. Astute global retailers became influential early adopters of OneView’s vision.

OneView’s continued success is now rooted in its cloud-native platform that bridges online and store shopping experiences with a modern architecture that supports a lightweight yet full-featured point of sale experience — powered by enterprise inventory visibility, distributed order management, and advanced retail promotions. This shift in store technology delivers a true omnichannel customer experience that burnishes shoppers engagement.

Since introducing the Digital Store Platform in 2013, OneView’s cloud-native infrastructure has enabled stores to coexist seamlessly with the online experience to provide a continuum of cross-channel services such as shared basket, store as warehouses, pickups, delivery, and return anywhere. Forward-thinking global retailers continue to turn to OneView to break free of legacy system limitations that block operational efficiency and customer experience.

Our Mission

To empower retailers to deliver commerce experiences that matter and build brand loyalty.


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