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Headless Unified Commerce

Unified CommerceOneView's modern cloud architecture is API-first, completely built on a microservices infrastructure, delivers ready-to-use SaaS experiences, and supports complete headless control. But most importantly for today's complex retail environments, OneView includes 100% offline support.

Finally, gain the modern tools to extend and scale the "point of sale" to any place in the buying journey without sacrificing your critical need for offline.

How Does it Work?

OneView gives you control with commerce anywhere microservices and fast-start retail accelerators for fast unified commerce engagement. Plus, OneView gives you the option to take full control of every customer experience with our headless architecture where you extend our experiences or build your own. Transform critical operations with a cloud-native, API-first unified commerce platform.

OneView, powered by a single, unified transaction engine, which provides the following:

  • Channel-agnostic transaction processing and management
  • Cart calculations, substitutions, promotions and payment
  • Instant tLog generation

Own Your Tech Stack

Unified commerce empowers retailers to secure brand loyalty and drive revenue. Using OneView, retail teams take ownership of their tech stack with access to robust commerce microservices, modern cloud tools, out-of-the-box SaaS experiences plus a headless architecture for ultimate control that enables them to efficiently build and deliver meaningful retail experiences.

Ready to Use SaaS Applications or Headless Control

The Power of OneView

Reimagine retail engagement with one view of your ecosystem -- customers, products, prices, inventory and experiences. Get the power of a modern point of sale, mobility, pickups, plus unified inventory and orders to enable your stores to engage customers and drive loyalty.
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"OneView Commerce is proud to be highlighted again as a key unified commerce vendor in Gartner's Hype Cycle for Retail Technologies
GartnerHype Cycle for Retail Technologies, 2023
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