Scale Pickup + Delivery Fast

OneView Pickup + Delivery

Offer pickup or delivery within weeks and evolve experiences continuously


Feature-as-a-service store, curbside and contactless pickups + delivery


Modern cloud and serverless for scale to handle store transaction volumes


Headless commerce control for unique customer + store experiences 


API-first integration framework to consume orders from any source


Instant delivery of transaction record for downstream systems


Receiving and staging for expanded fulfillment + pickup location options


Substitution management to improve experiences + manage inventory 


Loyalty integration to Increase relevance + provide compelling offers


Since one size does not fit all when it comes to retail customer experiences, OneView Pickup + Delivery empowers retailers to serve customers when, where and how needed and gives them the tools to get there fast. Using OneView, industry leaders like Kroger extend their existing processes and legacy infrastructure using our unified commerce transaction engine to offer curbside, contactless, in-store pickups and home delivery at the speed and scale of today's unprecedented customer demand.


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Headless Unified Commerce Delivers Digital Experiences, Fast

With a target architecture anchored in control, agility and innovation, Kroger turned to OneView for a next-gen unified commerce platform that would empower them to rapidly build and deploy customer experiences to differentiate and transform their brand with speed, agility and purpose. Using OneView, Kroger has extended their store experience and augmented the legacy store infrastructure to offer curbside, no-contact and in-store pickups, plus home delivery at a scale capable of responding to unprecedented shifts in shopper behaviors. With control to build their own experiences using OneView's headless commerce infrastructure, Kroger pinpointed specific associate and customer interaction points to create relevant and high-value engagement, fast.
  • Transformed customer experience for grocery pickups at Kroger, Walgreens and high volume distribution centers
  • Extended to home delivery using the same codebase
  • All CX built and deployed by Kroger using OneView platform tools
  • Experience reimagined + delivering value to stores in less than 6 months
  • Positioned for rapid response to shopper behaviors with full experience control