Empowering the Shifting Retail Reality

Faced with significant changes in infrastructure, processes, and engagement, global retailers are responding swiftly to meet customer needs. At OneView, we feel it is now imperative to extend our platform capabilities to provide retailers even more control to build and deliver customer engagement at the moment of need. 

OneView’s headless transaction engine has been built from the ground up to empower retailers to react when faced with disruption. Still, we know that there is even more that is needed as retailers rapidly evolve their business models to respond to today’s continuously changing circumstances. We welcome the challenge to help, fast.

One Engine to Empower Your Brand
Headless to Put You in Control of Experiences
Modern Architecture for Relevance + Speed
Featured Use Cases
Curbside & Store Pickup
As the business environment and customer behaviors shift rapidly, access to tools that allow retailers of all types to create the store pickup experiences that serve their specific customer needs is now crucial. Leveraging the OneView headless platform design, retailers are finally empowered with control to build the customer and associate experiences that differentiate while serving customers  when and where needed.

The ability to create and manage appointments is a function that enables retailers to respond to a variety of business situations efficiently. From managing customer to associate interactions to quickly enabling individual store engagement where required, appointments allow you to service customers effectively.


The only headless retail-as-a-service (RaaS) platform that empowers commerce, everywhere, including the store.


The only platform that provides a robust transaction engine to build your unique customer experiences for every touchpoint.


Unlike legacy systems, OneView puts customers and innovation at the center of engagement, not lanes or hardware.


Powered by a modern cloud architecture, retailers find their most relevant experiences fast.


Combined with analytics and intelligent technologies, retailers maximize the return going from "now to next generation."

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An Enterprise Architect's Guide to Navigating the "Experience" Economy

In order to survive continual disruption, retailers have little choice but to embrace change and transform their businesses as quickly as they are able. However, this is not a simple exercise. While there is no standard recipe, there are practical steps that businesses can take to accelerate their transformation journey. Strong executive leadership is obviously vital. And modern enterprise architecture is a powerful tool for helping business leaders plan, navigate and manage the changes they must make to operate in a fast-paced, customer experience-driven digital world.

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Winning the Grocery Wars

Grocery retailing is evolving at a pace never before seen, and in ways that blur the four walls of the tradition shopping experience. Mid-way through preparing for a football-watching party in three hours and forgot the chips? Now consumers can order online and grocery stores such as Kroger will deliver to doorsteps in as fast as an hour. Need to know which supermarket has the week's best price on blueberries? Mobile apps let shoppers check for sales and promotions, search for coupons, and compare prices — from anywhere, of course. In the car with a sleeping baby and out of milk? Some retailers offer curbside delivery. Want to try something new that can't be found at every store? Grocers are increasing their locally sourced programs...

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Retail-as-a-Service: What it Means for Commerce Innovation and Survival

OneView's Chief Marketing Officer Lexy Johnson talks about what Retail-as-a-Service means for commerce

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 Leading Innovators Trust OneView

If your target architecture is anchored in control, agility, and innovation for digital transformation, we look forward to talking with you.  Learn how OneView is empowering the world's leading retail innovators when they know that “the old way” has no place in their strategy of the future. Turn your business and marketing objectives into actionable digital strategies driven by powerful, brand-based in-store engagement by leveraging the only modern unified commerce platform play in retail.

The OneView Digital Store Platform is the only cloud-native, headless engine that empowers brand-based transactional commerce, everywhere. Engineered to enable robust engagement in-store, OneView significantly reduces regret spend and dramatically increases speed-to-market by putting retailers in control of innovation at every touchpoint.


Cloud-native point of sale

OneView Digital Store

Feature-as-a-service engine that leverages a single code base to empower you to deliver transformative, relevant customer engagement with speed and precision

Real-time inventory and omnichannel orchestration

OneView Inventory Management

Instantly tracks balance and
history of all stock movements while allowing precise allocation
by customer, use case or any strategy

Enterprise promotions to maximize customer engagement

OneView Enterprise Promotions

Cloud-native, API-first engine that executes complex, multi-level and targeted promotions across every touchpoint or customer type with a single click

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All retailers are facing continuous disruption of their traditional markets often led by changing customer expectations and the actions of new and incumbent competitors who embrace new digital business models and solutions. Ebay, Amazon, Alibaba and others have changed retail forever. Furthermore, digital disruption is borderless, adding a global dimension to the challenges faced by retailers. 

Read this report to learn how Enterprise Architecture is leading the way to embrace disruption and navigate the changes needed to operation in a customer-centric world.

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