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We provide the commerce engine, you focus on the journey

Modern transaction processing backbone allows you to easily unlock value in legacy systems and leverage this within dynamic new experiences


In-store best practices and TLog processing to support back-end workstreams, and hardware broker for seamless device integration


"Build it Once, Deploy Everywhere" to leverage platform capabilities and experiences across all touchpoints without re-work and regret spend

Complete control over the CX and UI

Removes development complexity around commerce processes increasing the velocity of transformation


Feature-as-a-service capabilities support scalability aligned to customer experience outcomes


Retail-as-a-Service platform model that continues to expand with contributions from disruptive retailers worldwide

Rapid response to changing preferences

Create programs that allow your customers to build, learn, deploy or destroy to drive meaningful engagement across all touchpoints


Empowers the development of cohesive and personalized journeys at scale


API-first design to enable innovation of next-generation, frictionless commerce versus rip and replace of legacy infrastructure

OneView empowers retail leaders, including our platform contributors Kroger and Australia Post, to get their innovative, competitive, and continuously evolving CX journeys into production fast with results-driven, retailer-led agile programs. We embrace our role to enable each retailer's unique vision with a platform that puts its customers at the center of its technology universe instead of lanes or hardware.


Build it Once, Use it Anywhere

OneView provides the only retail-as-a-service platform that allows a single innovation team to build user experiences and deploy them as required across all touchpoints. With complex infrastructures of traditional, mobile, kiosk and self serve, this means retailers such as Kroger and Australia Post are now positioned to deliver unique experiences from a single code base but with channel relevancy front and center.


Yours, Mine, Ours

Like every tier one retailer, Kroger and Australia Post have significant investments in business-specific legacy processes that present a huge opportunity to mine value from re-use. OneView's ability to embrace a Yours, Mine, Ours environment means they can harvest the benefit from these legacy services while targeting investment into digital transformation in areas that present the most significant business return. This empowers their teams to build user experiences that leverage both new and existing services to maximize customer engagement.


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