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Engagement that transforms customers into clients

Clienteling is an effective method for retail associates to establish long-term relationships with customers. With access to data about customer preferences, behaviors and purchases, associates are able to provide more personal and informed customer service in the store, which encourages future shopping frequency, boosts average transaction value, and strengthens loyalty in addition to other retail key performance indicators. The personal touch that clienteling adds to the shopping experience also is a defensive strategy for protecting brands against competitive disruptors. 

All About the Data

Collection Omnichannel shoppers browse, create wish lists, and purchase in person, online and by phone. Collecting data throughout the client lifecycle across all channels (in person, online and by phone) in a searchable and retrievable database is the essential first step for clienteling:
  • Browsing history
  • Wish lists
  • Purchases 
OneView Clienteling delivers this 360-degree view of customers that includes all interactions and cart data across their entire omnichannel journey. 
Access The next step is making the data accessible to associates on digital tools, mobile devices, and fixed workstations. With these critical customer insights and access to products, pricing, promotions, inventory and orders, OneView Clienteling empowers your sales associates to:
  • Provide the highest level of personalized service
  • Enhance engagement
  • Cross-sell and up-sell relevant products when appropriate
  • Prompt customers to take advantage of a special promotion or bonus loyalty program rewards
Efficiency OneView Clienteling’s one-touch availability at the point of sale also: 
  • Streamlines associate workflows and store operations 
  • Provides access from any in-store device
  • Boosts sales of excess inventory with little to no discounting with promotion to customers based on past purchases
  • Helps purchasing make better buying decisions

Beyond CRM

While sales history collected in CRM platforms provides some insight into a customer’s tendencies, information shared personally by a customer with an associate in a face-to-face interaction is priceless. It enhances client profiles beyond a purchase history and e-commerce activity, informing more personalized future interactions. And while clienteling excels at in-store engagement, it also drives efficient e-commerce selling when integrated with promotions and loyalty program rewards.

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