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The OneView Digital Store Platform  provides associates with access to a comprehensive omnichannel view of  customers, orders, inventory, detailed product information, promotions and reviews. And its mobile capability untethers your store associates from the fixed register so they can provide a higher level of service.  OneView allows the store associate to transcend traditional channels and meet the customer experience where ever it needs to be supported. 


OneView Digital Store

Successful retailers are transforming their approach to store commerce by taking “one view” of the retail landscape — cross-system, cross-market, cross-channel. In today’s fast-moving and multi-dimensional retail experience, what differeniates retailers is their ability to deliver a powerful and relevant customer experience however and where ever the interaction occurs. As Millennials become both the leading purchaser and the base of the workforce, the all-important point of interaction in store is highly impacted by the restrictions of inflexible, legacy store systems based on decades-old technology. Legacy systems will not support the necessary level of engagement for Millennials as customers or as store staff — a fact that will conAnue to increase as the hand over from the Baby Boomer generaAon completes by 2018. Read more

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OneView Inventory Management

A cloud-based omnichannel inventory management solution that optimizes order fulfillment with real-time visibility into inventory across the complex omnichannel supply chain. OneView Inventory Management creates a business-to-business portal that provides visibility into inventory across the omnichannel supply chain and facilitates order fulfillment and movement of inventory Read more




OneView Promotions

A single, consistent view of promotions across all channels that aligns with the omnichannel customer journey. OneView’s Promotions Engine is a centralized cloud and SOA-based engine that creates and delivers the appropriate promotion across any sales channel based on rules defined by the retailer. Read more 






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