Customer expectations vs. reality

Today’s consumers want to browse, buy, and receive goods through multiple channels.

Most retailers have responded by adding new technologies and operational processes that can’t fully integrate with legacy and other systems. Therefore, the resulting disparate silos can’t support the unified omnichannel experience shoppers insist on. The only path to a seamlessly connected customer journey across all touch points is system replacement with technology that also delivers product, inventory, order management, and customer information across all channels.

While is it commonplace for large retailers to offer straightforward cross-channel capabilities such as click and collect, there are still a number of roadblocks caused by a siloed infrastructure. For instance, wish lists and baskets are often not shared across mobile and online channels or across devices. Goods ordered online can only be returned either by mail or to a designated store. These disconnects frustrate customers, lose sales, and erode loyalty.

In the case of click and collect, the interaction between a store assistant and customer is a transaction of handing over a parcel and issuing a receipt instead of an opportunity to engage and recommend additional items that go with the purchase being picked up.

Transformation of the store delivers 360-degree engagement.

In order to drive engagement and loyalty, retailers need multi-directional, cross-channel content capture and delivery provided by OneView Commerce’s Digital Store Platform. This is the most comprehensive next-generation store system specifically designed to unlock data flow for fueling service-led engagement in the physical store and delivering improvements in operations and the customer experience across every channel.

OneView’s digital transformation solution captures a multitude of data from store, online and mobile channels, as well as back-end systems such as stock management, order, and marketing information. Equally as critical, the platform shares the data in real-time with every store customer interaction point including POS, mobile POS, digital displays and signage, sales-optimization tools, unmanned kiosks, and offsite pop-up stores.  

The innovative retail leaders that trust OneView include a diverse group of retailers with similar strategic initiatives – to use digital assets and capabilities to transform the in-store experience, understand and guide the customer's shopping journey, embrace technology for more profitable sales, and implement offensive strategy versus a defensive position to eliminate the threat from online competition that seizes their hard fought customer and market share.

The OneView Digital Store enables store and online channels to work together to increase customer- and market-share, drive traffic and capitalize on sales and engagement opportunities, including:

  • Sharing baskets across all touch points
  • Booking in-store appointments online
  • Efficient management and conversion of online returns to maximize upsell and cross sell 
  • Cross channel promotion strategy that enables execution of relevant, timely and customer-specific promotions
  • Ability to manage product availability with powerful store and cross channel inventory capabilities to know exactly what you have and to put it exactly where you need it

Having detailed cross-channel journey information (customer-specific histories, collective online and POS transaction data about items purchased, returned, and viewed online) in one place also enables retailers to understand and predict customers’ shopping behaviors so they are positioned to provide insights and offers that increase customer loyalty.  In addition, having online sales data (such as reviews, hot and cool sellers) at their fingertips helps store associates engage store customers more deeply, service and sell, cross-sell and up-sell more efficiently, and become far more knowledgeable with far less training. The resulting highly personalized customer shopping experience strengthens loyalty and brand affinity.

In practical terms, the Digital Store Platform drives store results as well as engagement by powering:

  • Intelligent product promotions - cross-channel data drives content and complementary product information to digital displays in the store. They are updated instantly with real-time information about under-performing and out-of-stock products. Sales assistants can use customer histories to recommend additional relevant products or personalized promotions. 
  • Outstanding customer service throughout the store - mobile and wearables capabilities give sales assistants inventory and customer information wherever they are in the store—from the aisle to the dressing room and checkout—enabling continuous interaction with the customer anywhere, anytime. 
  • Efficient operations - store analytics and task management functionality ensure store employees are guided by data in real-time, so they can deliver a consistently high level of customer service across the store. For example, queue busting alerts ensure ample checkout stations are open, and location-based alerts allow customers to request help and signal retailers to send knowledgeable staff based on department, time spent at a product, or other criteria.

OneView’s Digital Store Platform not only addresses the customer service gaps currently resulting from a lack of connectivity between channels, but also transforms the overall customer experience by empowering retail staff to engage with customers in new and highly personalized ways. What’s more, OneView’s cloud-based platform is a cost-effective SaaS solution for retailers that is rapidly deployed and easily maintained.

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