Customer expectations vs. reality

Today’s customers browse, buy, and receive goods through multiple channels.

Most retailers have responded by adding new technologies and operational processes to try to answer to the need, but often can’t fully integrate with legacy and other systems. The resulting disparate silos don't support, and in many cases negatively impact, the customer behaviors of today.  

This push for innovation in the brick and mortar setting means retailers are expected to provide a seamless customer journey that combines the information from every interaction into a modern and engaging experience once in the store.  Leading retailers are accomplishing this with a digital store platform that empowers associates to serve customers with an advanced technology stack showcasing the retailer’s unique business processes. 

Successful retailers are transforming their approach to store commerce by taking ‘one view’ of the retail landscape. In today’s fast-paced and multi-dimensional retail experience, what differentiates retailers is their ability to deliver a compelling and relevant customer experience however and wherever the interaction occurs. The OneView Digital Store Platform empowers retailers by giving them tools and systems that allow them to define what their customer experience should be.  

As younger generations become both the leading purchaser and the base of the workforce, the all-important point of interaction in store is profoundly impacted by the restrictions of inflexible, legacy store systems based on decades-old technology.  OneView has been designed from the ground up to enable innovation. We know we are not for everyone, we are for the global innovators who are embracing change and see it as the future of the digital economy.

Leveraging OneView, the only digital store platform based on a serverless, cloud-native architecture, retailers are empowered to innovate -- everything. With OneView, retailers make running their business the priority and deploy technology to enable the use cases that matter to them.  By recognizing the value inherent in legacy processes and allowing efficient reuse of these high-value systems, OneView brings innovation and value together to enable real executable business change. Once that first innovation occurs, full code reuse and extension of platform processes means that OneView will continue to significantly reduce regret spend and dramatically increase the speed to market.  In short, OneView provides the engine to deliver transformative customer journeys were they matter most to your business.  


OneView Digital Store Platform

OneView is a pioneer in digital store transformation, helping global retailers transform their commerce strategies by delighting customers in-store. Our cloud-native, serverless Digital Store Platform combines point of sale, real-time inventory management, and enterprise promotions to deliver a comprehensive store solution that drives increased footfalls, expands basket size and improves margins while providing a truly exceptional and retailer-owned customer experience.

  • Revolutionize the way you interact with customers
  • Enable multi-directional, real-time content sharing of customer, transactional, inventory and promotional data across channels to
  • Leverage engagement opportunities at every touchpoint
  • Innovate everything

The innovative retail leaders that trust OneView includes diverse global innovators with similar strategic initiatives based on protecting their hard-fought customer and market share. These include the ability to use digital assets and capabilities to transform the in-store experience, understand and guide the customer's shopping journey, embrace technology for more profitable sales, and implement offensive strategy versus a defensive position to eliminate the threat from online competition. 

The OneView Digital Store enables store and online channels to work together to increase mindshare, drive traffic and capitalize on sales and engagement opportunities, including:

  • Define and own transformative customer journeys
  • Forward-thinking architecture leveraging the serverless platform and headless application
  • Standard templates to enable:
    • Powerful in-store functions for POS, Promotions, Inventory 
    • Sharing baskets across all touch points
    • Booking in-store appointments online
    • Efficient management and conversion of online returns to maximize upsell and cross sell
    • Cross channel promotion strategy that enables execution of relevant, timely and customer-specific promotions
    • Ability to manage product availability with powerful store and cross channel inventory capabilities to know what inventory you have and to put it exactly where you need it

Having detailed journey information enables retailers to understand and predict customers’ shopping behaviors, so they are positioned to merchandise effectively, provide actionable insights to the store, and deliver relevant offers that increase customer loyalty.  The resulting highly personalized customer experience strengthens loyalty and brand affinity.

Join top-tier global retailers who are leading digital transformation leveraging OneView’s Digital Store Platform. Learn how this cloud-native solution puts our clients in the fast lane for overall success. 

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