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OneView Headless Point of Sale Platform in Production
Jan 11, 2019 9:00:00 AM2 min read

OneView Headless Point of Sale Platform in Production

“Since the founding of OneView, we’ve remained focused on working with retail disruptors from around the world who not only see the potential for change but are committed to executing on it,” said OneView Chief Executive Officer Linda Palanza. “This began with bringing the first retailer-driven omnichannel engagement solution into production within a few months in 2014 and continues with our latest platform release that brought a serverless architecture and headless point of sale and customer experience engine into production in mid-2018 far ahead of other providers.”

OneView’s retail disruptors include Australia Post, operator of the largest retail network in Australia, who used the power of the OneView Digital Store Platform to deliver a reimagined customer experience into their stores within months. OneView directly answered Australia Post’s mission to move to a target architecture that provided control through ownership of the user interface, speed-to-market, and ability to leverage high-value legacy assets all on a modern cloud platform.  Parcel and Postal Technology International awarded the OneView solution the 2018 International Digital Innovation of the Year. Through this work with Australia Post as well as other digital disruptors, OneView has delivered on the continuous innovation demanded by all relevant retailers going forward.

“According to industry experts, key technology trends for 2019 include serverless computing, headless application architectures and support for multi-cloud environments as key drivers in gaining control and agility,” continues Palanza. “We are proud to be in production with these technologies and are now focused on the next trends that our retail disruptors require to continue to change the face of in-store engagement.  At OneView we remain committed to listening to our customers and delivering instead of being distracted by the status quo.”

Key platform advantages:

  • Fast time to market by eliminating dependencies between business processes and user experience
  • Reduced cost of delivery as microservices enable new processes and integrations without cumbersome development
  • Retailer ownership and control as retailers leverage the platform to deliver their own transformative customer interfaces
  • Return on investment as reuse of high-value legacy assets targets digital transformation spend to maximize value and experience

The OneView Digital Store Platform comprises out-of-the-box templates for point of sale, cross-channel, customer engagement, real-time store inventory and multichannel promotions, as well as plug-ins to third-party solutions for analytics, loyalty, workforce optimization, IoT, device control and more. It leverages a common set of data, and as new digital store capabilities emerge, components are quickly extended to deliver new experiences.

About OneView Commerce OneView Commerce is a pioneer in digital store transformation, empowering global retail disruptors to delight customers in store. OneView’s cloud-native Digital Store Platform brings the first serverless and headless customer experience engine into production and combines point of sale, real-time inventory management and enterprise promotions to enable retailers to increase footfalls, expand basket size and improve margins while providing truly exceptional and retailer-owned customer service.  OneView positively impacts channel engagement, sales, business operations, and customer experience. Australia Post, Discount Tire Corporation, Molton Brown, Rapha Racing Limited, and Carhartt are among the global retailers revolutionizing their customer engagement with OneView Commerce. For more information, visit Twitter: @oneviewcommerce.

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