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Cloud-native point of sale for disruptive retailers

OneView Digital Store

Robust inventory management to track buys and sells for precise inventory allocation

OneView Inventory Management

Targeted promotions across all commerce channels

OneView Enterprise Promotions

OneView Digital Store

A cloud-native point of sale that provides full store operations management with feature-rich commerce functions.  Includes expansive cross channel integration to offer a modern and comprehensive tool for associates to service customers in-store via traditional lanes as well as on the floor via mobile, kiosk, or self-guided checkout options.  OneView supports a range of devices of your choice or reuse of existing hardware to maximize your investments.

Unified commerce for retailers focused on agile digital disruption and engagement
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Targeted commerce engagement across all touchpoints—fixed, mobile, self-service as well as frictionless guided and smart checkout.
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Extends or replaces existing systems to empower retailers to identify a particular part of the commerce journey for transformation and reuse high-value legacy systems where appropriate.
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Purposefully integrate new technologies (IoT, AI, camera technology) via an integration layer ready for next generation smart shopping.  Support digitalization of the store including AI and machine learning to integrate and transact accordingly.
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Robust library of services (features) to enable store functions including cash management, tender types, returns, discounts, and associate optimization tools while allowing a shared basket across all touchpoints for frictionless entry into the journey as it suits your customer’s preferences.
Omnichannel Orchestration

OneView has been delivering best-in-class omnichannel engagement since 2014.  With a product set that has been developed alongside global retail leaders, we provide the ability to tailor omnichannel strategies to increase engagement, target traffic, and eliminate friction from the shopping experience.  Every interaction becomes a conversation where a customer can share orders, baskets, and intentions to collaborate with your brand to get exactly what they want when they want it.

Last Mile Engagement
Clienteling & Appointments
Pickup Anywhere
Precise Inventory Allocation
Return Anywhere
Frictionless Promotions
OmniChannel order orchestration

Inventory Management

Provides real-time visibility to optimize order fulfillment across the entire omnichannel supply chain. Faced with the rigorous demands for order fulfillment in today’s competitive, always-on world, optimization of supply chain execution remains a leading strategy for differentiation and requires real-time inventory status across the omnichannel enterprise. OneView takes live feeds of transactional data (buys and sells) via its service layer and thereby allows any application to access and update an inventory status instantly. The cloud-native solution makes it easy for store associates to locate, transfer, or ship items to provide exceptional and relevant customer service.

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Demand-driven replenishment based on retailer-defined business rules
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Pinpoint allocation by customer, channel, use case or any business strategy
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Instant records of holds, buys and sells are made available to every system for precise allocation and replenishment
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Injects speed and accuracy into stock management to drive competitive position
Enabling One View of the Customer Journey

OneView empowers you with a single code base delivered to every touchpoint.  Quickly provide meaningful and relevant experiences to customers and associates for a frictionless shopping experience and a 360-degree view of the journey to better service, influence, and convert while in-store.

Enterprise Promotions

A robust, cloud-native and microservices driven engine providing a simple interface for the creation and execution of targeted promotions across any sales channel based on rules defined by the retailer. By eliminating silos across store, online, voice, merchandising, and marketing, OneView Promotions assures that the customer is presented with the most impactful discount, offer or reward in response to their interaction in each channel.  Proven and tested in highly complex promotion environments, OneView Enterprise Promotions slices promotion creation time as well as readily handles complex, multi-tier, and business-specific strategies.

Targeted promotions to maximize customer experience
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Highly configurable promotion templates to create relevancy and precision by use case, customer type or channel
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Significantly reduces promotion set up time to empower teams to focus on personalization and relevancy 
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Proven to meet the needs of complex promotion categories including grocery, apparel, hardware, specialty, and luxury
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Targeted promotion types to driven traffic, reduce churn and increase basket sizes
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