OneView Digital Store Platform

OneView gives leaders like Kroger the control of digital and store commerce assets that enables them to rapidly predict and respond to fast-changing customer expectations. But many mainstream retailers still battle constraints of legacy systems and face months of effort and millions of dollars trying to innovate even a single touchpoint. Today, this kind of slow execution translates into lost revenue as digital-savvy competitors take your most valuable customers.

Missing Digital Expectations Risks your Customers and your Business

Commerce Anywhere

Powered by retail’s only commerce anywhere transaction engine, leverage a single code base as you deliver unique experiences to every touchpoint


Brand Differentiation

Your ‘secret sauce’ becomes the driving force as you build on our headless retail experience to deliver relevant engagement your customers want and your business demands

Technology Control

End dependency on your software vendor with tools, a powerful framework, and ultra-modern infrastructure that empowers you to own every next-gen experience


Architecture + Scale

Move past legacy POS or monolithic commerce and get every function within each feature as a microservice built on the latest cloud technology to keep your codebase small but deliverables huge

Ready-to-Use SaaS Applications or Headless Control—Your Choice

Speed to Market and put Retails in Control

Get the headless transaction engine that empowers brand-based transactional commerce, anywhere. OneView significantly reduces regret spend while increasing speed-to-market by putting retailers in control of innovation.

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  • Eliminate Friction at Every Touchpoint
  • Empower Customer Engagement
  • Extend or Replace Legacy Systems