Missing digital expectations risks your customers and your business



OneView gives leaders like Kroger the control of digital and store commerce assets that enables them to rapidly predict and respond to fast-changing customer expectations. But many mainstream retailers still battle constraints of legacy systems and face months of effort and millions of dollars trying to innovate even a single touchpoint. Today, this kind of slow execution translates into lost revenue as digital-savvy competitors take your most valuable customers.

Get empowered to build, curate, and maximize your "secret sauce" in every customer interaction. Explore how our OneView enables you to define and deliver your vision of frictionless commerce, anywhere.

  • Cloud-native, headless engine that empowers brand-based transactional commerce, everywhere.
  • Engineered to enable robust engagement in-store, at the curb, or anywhere.
  • OneView significantly reduces regret spend and increases speed-to-market by putting retailers in control of innovation.

Next Generation POS + Digital Experiences, Fast


With a target architecture anchored in control, agility, and innovation, Kroger turned to OneView for a Retail-as-a-Service Platform that empowered them to build customer experiences that differentiate and transform with speed, agility and purpose.

  • Transformed customer experience for grocery pickups at Walgreens
  • All CX built and deployed by Kroger via OneView RaaS platform
  • Experience reimagined + delivered in 20 weeks

Building POS + Customer Engagement that Answers to the Challenge of New Business Opportunities, Fast


Faced with aging store infrastructure and a fast-moving business model that looked to take advantage of new opportunities for customer engagement, Australia Post turned to OneView for the platform that put them in control to build the store and customer experiences they needed, fast. Beginning with a mobile store experience to prove the approach, the team rapidly gained support and funding for a multi-year digital transformation anchored in control, agility and speed-to-market

  • Proved the business case for a retail-as-a-service platform with agile planning and delivery
  • Empowered to build and evolve their own customer experiences for maximum relevance
  • New mobile store experience delivered fast to provide proof points for full program

Try OneView and see for yourself

Come on board for a OneView proof of concept to get full platform access, headless framework training, and use case support as you define, build and prove the value of technology control and agility to your business. 

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