Shopping-Cart.jpgCan you build personalized promotions based on their shopping behaviors, history, status, loyalty or their shared basket?

Today’s shoppers expect a unified journey across all of your sales channels, including promotions that are relevant to them. Disjointed promotions weaken your brand by confusing and frustrating customers with offers that aren’t aligned with their shopping journey. The result is costly, ineffective marketing campaigns and even worse, unhappy customers.

Legacy solutions are time-consuming and labor intensive and cause delays in responding to changing inventory levels and market trends. What’s more, the resulting disparity between marketing, merchandising, e-commerce, and the store makes analyzing promotion results tedious, if not altogether impossible.

Imagine having the ability to track cross-channel customer behavior, product sales, and returns so you know exactly what factors contributed to a successful promotion. This powerful insight enables you to reward your customers with offers that are timely and relevant.

The Solution: Centralizing promotions to align with each customer’s omnichannel journey

Personalization and consistency are critical drivers of revenue, inventory management and customer loyalty. From the aisle to the dressing room and from clicks to the cart, customer information drawn from all channels has the power to enable personalized marketing efforts that answer these questions:

  • Where do your customers spend their time online and in the store?
  • What product preferences do they indicate with clicks and purchases?
  • Which types of price promotions do they most frequently respond to with a purchase?
  • Which social media conversations lead them to your site and/or store and result in an uptick in sales?

Build it Once, Use it Everywhere

Using OneView Promotions Engine and this valuable cross-channel information about behaviors, conversion statistics, and product/brand preferences, you can create relevant offers (i.e., discounts or rewards) that resonate with customers.

This centralized cloud-based solution creates and delivers the appropriate promotion across any sales channel based on retailer-defined rules, customer profile, and sales data. By eliminating channel silos across store, online, voice, merchandising and marketing, OneView Promotions Engine presents the shopper with the appropriate discount, offer, or reward no matter where they are on their shopping journey.

Installed with OneView’s Digital Store Platform or as a standalone module integrated with legacy applications, Promotions Engine is a time saver that eliminates the need to recreate the same promotion for each channel.

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