Magnfying_Glass_Thumbnail.jpgWhat's the cost of your technology limiting your customer experience? 

Today direct costs to your business from a sub-par customer experience due to limitations of legacy, siloed or homegrown store solutions is a critical component in running an effective retail enterprise.

At OneView, our mission is clear. Empower retailers through innovation. Leveraging the OneView Digital Store Platform, our serverless, headless application platform, retailers use a single code base to drive transformative, retailer-defined experiences across all touchpoints.  We know you know your business, so we allow extension of business processes within the platform to drive innovation and decrease regret spend. OneView has enabled global innovators, such as Australia Post, to embrace disruptive technologies to get to market fast, with the use cases that matter to their business and positioning them to overcome the online threat. 

  • One View of the Customer Journey: Integrate to all touchpoints of the customer journey providing associates with a 360-degree view of that journey to better service, influence and convert while in-store.
  • Digital Store Platform (POS):  Efficiently support any device via a single code base and untether store associates to engage and inform. 
  • OneView Inventory Management: Instantaneously keep an accurate balance and history of stock movements by recording, reporting and maintaining the position of all inventory and allowing you to allocate it by customer, by use case or by any business factor you choose.
  • OneView Promotions Engine: A centralized cloud and SOA engine that empowers retailers to execute complex promotions across every channel, customer type or other drivers. 
  • Omnichannel Enablement: Best-in-class templates to enable buy online pick up in store, Find It, appointments and more.  Built in collaboration with global retail innovators who have transformed their business via digital engagement.