Magnfying_Glass_Thumbnail.jpgDoes your technology support engagement of high-value cross-channel customers?

Not if you’re relying on legacy, siloed or homegrown business applications. Only a single unified platform that shares all of your valuable commerce data with each channel wields the power to engage, influence and convert customers at every touchpoint.

The OneView Digital Store Platform  provides associates with access to a comprehensive omnichannel view of  customers, orders, inventory, detailed product information and reviews.  And its mobile capability untethers your store associates from the fixed register so they can provide a higher level of service.

It’s all about facilitating more conversions, increasing transaction size and fostering loyalty to deliver a superior customer experience. 


The cloud-based OneView Digital Store Platform is enabling retailers like Discount Tire to embrace disruptive technologies that put them on the leading edge of digital transformation by delivering a true omnichannel experience for their customers .

Mobile deployment of the platform, using our state-of-the-art resiliency framework, extends point of sale (POS) capability to virtually anywhere; associates in store, pop up stores or even to your retail app that allows customers to use their own device.

OneView’s hosted solution makes the journey toward digital transformation and achieving a unified customer experience most efficient and economical. Delivering the Digital Store Platform via the cloud includes application management for point of sale, inventory, replenishment and promotions, and IT infrastructure support. Expediting implementation, OneView’s hosted solution enables transformation of the store at a pace previously unattainable in enterprise software while providing the platform to enable rapid, continuous evolution of the customer journey.

The possibililites are endless.

  • One View of the Customer Journey: Using adapters within the framework, it is now possible to integrate to all touchpoints of the customer journey providing associates with a 360-degree view of that journey to better service, influence and convert while in-store.
  • Digital Store Platform (POS):  Whether you require mobility or a fixed POS, Oneview's solution supports both. Our POS framework can be configured to support any device, any tender and it untethers your store associates from the fixed POS as needed but will always capitalize on the existing POS assets in the store.
  • OneView Inventory Management: The OneView Inventory solution keeps an accurate balance and history of daily trading instantaneously, the stock platform records, reports and maintains an audit trail that tracks the position of all stock in every location defined within the enterprise.
  • OneView Promotions Engine: A centralized cloud and SOA based engine that passes promotions across any channel by analyzing each customer profile and sharing the appropriate promotion based on rules set by the retailer.
  • Omnichannel Framework: A repository of over twenty best-in-class use cases including buy on line, pick up in store, Find It and book a meeting. All built in collaboration with our global customers who are on the leading edge of digital transformation in omnichannel retailing.