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Q4 2021 Product Update
Dec 23, 2021 9:00:00 AM2 min read

Q4 2021 Product Update

Read about a few of our product launches from the fourth quarter of 2021.

Shortening the Time of Device Startup

The newly completed enhancements to OneView’s initial sync functionality for alerts improve the performance of the critical first replication of data down to the device’s PouchDB. This important improvement provides associates with a quicker experience from logon to getting their day started by replacing a filtered replication with one that checks for revision history before replication. This facilitates a faster process for serving customers and avoids associates waiting while their device completes the necessary sync to be ready and up-to-date to complete orders.

Capture Brand-Specific Data in TLogs

OneView’s new Transaction Extra Data function provides the ability to capture additional information related to a transaction that will then follow that transaction and be available to be consumed through full backend processing. The feature supports capturing all types of data, including client, order, or any relevant data at the transaction level and storing this in the header of that transaction’s tLog. The new feature is currently available to OneView’s headless customers. It is planned for a future SaaS release where those customers could then enable the function from the dashboard if desired. Utilizing this feature is one way that OneView customers gain quick flexibility to tailor experiences that easily support unique business workflows or customer engagement strategies.

Basket Flexibility

In our quest to continue to remove friction during checkout, OneView has added functionality that, through configuration, can allow a transaction to be modified even while tendering is in process. This new level of basket flexibility supports changes to items in the cart, quantity changes, adding or removing discounts, applying promotions or modifying tenders. For example, a customer wants to purchase several items and pay with split tender. When the second tender has insufficient funds, the customer wants to remove an item from the cart to complete the transaction with the available funds. These and other complex transaction adjustments are facilitated by the basket flexibility function that removes restrictions on basket changes once any tendering has occurred to allow associates to safely handle more variables within in-progress transactions when necessary. Delivering this level of basket flexibility with full control via dashboard configuration ensures that OneView provides the highest level of flexibility in the checkout process to improve customer experience and reduce the overall time to complete transactions for each retailer situation.

Discount and Promotion Flexibility

With the importance of promotions and discounts, OneView has expanded the functionality for managing the distinct processes of manual discounts and promotions. The feature delivered this month introduces a new level of control and flexibility over promotions and manual discounts by providing the capability to set distinct flags that allow promotions, manual discounts or both to be applied to a given product.  This flexibility will enable retailers to stack promotions and manual discounts or choose not to allow promotions and manual discounts to be applied to a product. By introducing this new level of control, OneView increases the flexibility of the solution to meet retailer’s unique and changing needs.

Have questions about anything we’ve shared? Reach out to your Customer Success Manager or drop us a note at We are always happy to help!