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Q3 2021 Product Update
OneView CommerceSep 30, 2021 9:00:00 AM1 min read

Q3 2021 Product Update

Read about a few of our product launches from the third quarter of 2021.

Better Coupon View, Better Service

OneView’s point of sale interface now has an improved user experience for displaying coupon information to help the associate quickly see the application of coupons to a transaction and why a coupon is not applied. If coupons fall under the ‘not applied’ section, additional information is shown to associates, including coupon not found, a description and the valid date range. Additionally, associates can remove coupons from the transaction if a customer changes their mind. This improvement equips associates to understand and explain coupon status to increase checkout speed, especially during peak shopping seasons.

Our Pick + Pack Accelerator Goes Alpha

OneView’s new Pick and Pack Retail Accelerator provides intuitive, easy-to-use functionality that enables retailers to manage associate workflows that streamline and increase the fulfillment speed of pickup orders. Now, associates working on pickups have a clear view of orders and status values throughout the process from order placement through, pick, pack and handoff to customer. To guide the pick and pack process, associates use a straightforward user interface that directs them to items to be picked, quantity, and options to manage out of stocks. After completing the pick, OneView provides packing and staging functions to ensure that everyone knows precisely what is included and where to find the order for customer handoff. When the associate specifies the staging location for the fully picked order, an email notification is triggered to let the customer know that their order is ready to be picked up. OneView Pick + Pack puts the process of order fulfillment right in the palm of your associates’ hand, helping to optimize time on the floor and overall service to customers.

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