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September Product Announcements
Sep 18, 2020 9:00:00 AM2 min read

September Product Announcements

Ready for Pickup

With the profound drive of contactless engagement a primary initiative for retailers, OneView continues to enhance our Pickup offerings with new features and capabilities. Sales associates can now manually mark a customer’s order as ‘ready for pickup’, which means that retailers with less complex order flow and pick + pack requirements can now use OneView’s pickup features directly from the Point of Sale. Adding this capability can dramatically reduce the time to market for retailers looking to add curbside, contactless, and other forms of pickup to their customer experiences. 

Enhanced End of Day

To support OneView’s commitment to store-based commerce, our product teams work to extend our offerings with robust features that address complex store operations. Our Enhanced End of Day (EOD) extends the store closing functions to include a store summary screen that highlights the current value/position on a till, number of Till Counts that have occurred, and total discrepancies across all Till Counts. From here, users can now proceed to complete the EOD process or cancel to correct any till issues before closing their store. To ensure the highest value in reporting, the TLog now includes Till Counts executed since the last EOD plus capturing user, time details, discrepancy amount, and comments. Our Enhanced EOD function also offers an endpoint to retrieve essential information by till for headless platform customers.

Manual Tax Exempt 

OneView’s new Manual Tax Exempt, an essential feature for retailers who conduct business in the United States, enables retailers to exclude tax on qualified items when serving customers in a tax-exempt status. The retailer has the ability, at product import, to identify products that can be sold as tax-exempt, and the POS will prompt the associate to capture the customer’s tax ID and organization name for recording purposes. The “TE” indicator is displayed on the POS display, receipt, and recorded in the TLog. The tax-exempt status can be voided, and taxes will be re-applied to the transaction. This new feature is controlled at the store location level and is accessible to any user with the appropriate permissions.

Capture Extra Data for Products

As we continuously evolve our platform, OneView has added a retailers’ ability to identify products that require extra data when sold to our feature set. Example use cases include capturing shipping details on out-of-stock items to ship to a customer’s home, or for selling non-traditional products where extra data is required to support the transaction. Retailers control if extra information needs to be captured at the product level and set the data and format to be captured, including character length and required information. All extra data captured is persisted in the TLog for downstream system consumption as needed.

Serverless Framework

OneView’s recent completion of Serverless Framework provides extensive gains to our development and operations teams’ velocity by creating a more streamlined and modern deployment process. Serverless Framework replaces our self-designed micro-framework infrastructure and positions OneView to benefit from the most current market tools while gaining the support benefits of a commercial framework. Serverless Framework provides strength to our cloud offerings through streamlined deployments, faster and more efficient debugging, and continuous enhancements to our testing processes.

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