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November Product Announcements
Nov 30, 2020 9:00:00 AM1 min read

November Product Announcements

Device Broker

The OneView Device Broker is a new Gateway between the Point of Sale device and peripherals (printers, scanners, cash drawers, etc.) designed to decrease implementation time for hardware components by keeping integration agnostic. This feature streamlines hardware troubleshooting for support and enables OneView to effectively support diverse hardware implementations across retailers. Most importantly, the Device Broker empowers retailers to own their hardware implementations and integrations, allowing them to rapidly deploy new options in response to business needs.

Substitute Before Arrival

Extending our pickup offering, OneView now has a Substitute Before Arrival feature that allows customers to accept or reject product substitutions before arriving at the store. This new substitution function improves the contactless experience by not requiring the customer and associate to talk through substituted items but still allows customers to determine what substitution options they want. Additionally, this feature minimizes the operational overhead of keeping substitutes separate from the order and decreases pickup completion time. 

Substitute Price Match with Multiples

OneView’s pickup offering now includes the ability to provide customers with the lowest price for their substitutions regardless of what products or product sizes are used to fulfill their order. With OneView, retailers can now honor the lowest product price when a substitution is applied to the order, even when it isn’t a one-to-one trade by package size, quantity, weight, or other factors. This feature improves retailers’ ability to recognize and value customer loyalty and improve overall satisfaction with pickup orders.

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