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Q2 2021 Product Updates
Jun 30, 2021 9:00:00 AM1 min read

Q2 2021 Product Updates

Dashboard Product and Prices

OneView’s newest product and price feature provides retailers with a way to search and view their product and price information in the OneView dashboard. Additionally, an associate with the right permissions can edit the merchandise group a product is associated with and add or remove an RSP price. These features provide a quick way to identify issues that might occur with product imports and an easy way to make adjustments to specific product and price data points within OneView.


Transaction Search

Speed up customer service and improve store support services with the new Transaction Search feature in the OneView Platform. With this latest feature, users can now quickly search and locate transactions on either the Point of Sale or in the OneView Dashboard based on specific criteria. From the results, users can view key transaction detail information as well as access the full TLog providing essential information for customer service, store and user support, reporting, and monitoring. In store, once a transaction is located on the POS, the user has one-click access to returns, receipt reprints, gift receipts and full transaction details. For corporate users, this feature can be used from the OneView dashboard when supporting stores to locate any transactions during reconciliation or if a device problem occurs. 

Dashboard Modular Permissions

The new Dashboard Modular Permissions feature empowers retailers to control which users have access to specific elements of the Dashboard. Retailers can now restrict access to certain information to create role-based views of dashboard functions. As of this release, retailers can use Modular Permissions to control seven different modules, with more to come in the future. When the feature is activated, your users only see the modules they have access to, and all other modules are inaccessible. The ability to tailor the Dashboard to align with a users’ role avoids issues such as someone in a corporate department making an accidental change to store configurations that could affect the customer experience or what tools are available to the store associates.

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