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OneView Launches Unified Commerce Free Trial and Pilot Program
Sep 21, 2021 9:00:00 AM2 min read

OneView Launches Unified Commerce Free Trial and Pilot Program

OneView Test Drive Makes Key Unified Commerce Experiences for Point of Sale, Pickup and Delivery, and Mobility Available for Free 30-Day Trial

BOSTON—September 21, 2021OneView Commerce (OneView), the only provider of a headless unified commerce transactionengine that powers transactions from click to brick across the shopping journey, today announced their OneView Test Drive program for qualified retailers. The announcement makes OneView’s unified commerce transaction engine and sought-after digital experiences for point of sale, pickup and delivery, and mobility — the same experiences transforming digital engagement in retail and grocery today — available for a 30-day free trial. Following the free trial, Test Drive’s quick-start lab deployments and live pilot options further allow retailers to experience first-hand how control and agility empower effective digital transformation. 

“To protect competitive advantage and loyalty, retailers need to act immediately to inject agility into their development and implementation of innovative digital engagement, but without disruption to existing hardware and legacy tech stacks,” said OneView Chief Executive Officer Linda Palanza. “Our Test Drive program gives retailers the ability to experience how the power of a unified commerce transaction engine enables rapid digital transformation alongside legacy hardware and software footprints.” 

The program, including the 30-day free trial, is powered by OneView’s cloud-native, fully microservice-based architecture and allows retailers to gain hands-on experience with key system components including: 

  • Unified Commerce Transaction Engine: the channel-agnostic transaction processor built on cloud-native, API-first architecture;
  • Microservices Framework: feature-as-a-service functions that provide immediate access to hundreds of pre-built commerce microservices such as search, add product, build basket, calculate and more that enable retailers to create and manage any retail interaction;  and
  • Retail Accelerators: pre-built physical and digital interactions ready to use out-of-the-box or easily customized and scaled for a grocer’s unique needs.

OneView Test Drive structures a rolling, retailer-defined engagement beginning with the 30-day free trial, then continuing with a comprehensive lab deployment and full live pilot that enables the retailer to take experience and validation right into the field. Available free trial experiences include OneView Pickup & Delivery, OneView Mobile Point of Sale and OneView Omnichannel Point of Sale. 

For more information see OneView at Groceryshop, September 19-22, 2021, or visit

About OneView Commerce 

OneView Commerce transforms retail technology with powerful, retailer-proven solutions built on a universal unified commerce transaction engine to enable shopper engagement from click to brick. Using OneView, retailers rapidly scale digital innovation at every point of contact to delight customers while maintaining full control of every retail transaction to protect critical brand loyalty. From pickup, delivery and omnichannel point of sale to self-service, line busting, pay at curb and last-mile engagement, OneView enables frictionless commerce at any point of the shopping journey. Unlike legacy store systems, OneView significantly reduces regret spend while increasing innovation with our cloud-native, API-first architecture injecting tech stack agility and a headless commerce front end enabling UX/CX, transaction and data ownership. The Kroger Company, Australia Post and Molton Brown are among the global retailers revolutionizing customer engagement with OneView Commerce. 

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