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Lexy JohnsonMay 25, 2022 4:45:00 PM3 min read

OneView 30-Day Free Trial: Risk-Free Track Digital Transformation Kickoff


Finally, An Answer for Retailers to Test Digital Transformation without Risk or Unnecessary Cost

The concept of “free” can raise all kinds of suspicions. “You get what you pay for.” “There’s no such thing as a free lunch.” Haven’t we all experienced the down side of at least one so-called free offer?

But if you’ve been pining for a risk-free way to dip your IT toe in the complex waters of digital transformation without having to invest a small fortune, reading this post about OneView’s free trial will be more than worth your while. In fact, there are several reasons to consider a 30-day OneView free trial:

  • Validate the technology’s ability to deliver a key use case with limited resources.
  • Experience the planning and delivery process for a high-value business initiative.
  • See how OneView’s cloud infrastructure and solutions solve your unique business challenges without legacy disruption.
  • Deliver proof of the solution’s value that justifies strategic investments in an incremental approach to digital transformation.

What’s It All about?

Enough said about why the free trial is worth a shot. Now it’s time to get into the meat of the offer. Simply put, OneView is so confident in the the value we deliver that we prove it by giving your development team free access to:

  • out-of-the-box, vertical-specific data sets (products, pricing, categories, and promotions) for them to use in building out trial use cases and exploring functionality; 
  • training videos and our development documentation portal, including API schemas, so they can make the most of this eye-opening trial period and get a generous helping of OneView technology’s capabilities;
  • OneView’s Wiki and knowledge base that provide insights on use of the platform, use case planning and quick-start guidance; and
  • trial resources including OneView’s technical and business subject matter experts for support and guidance throughout your trial period.

Noteworthy Examples

In short, a deep-dive, hands-on experience in developing a use case of your choice with the same technology that’s powering the success of well-known retailers. Here are a few examples of how the free trial worked:

  • A leading grocery chain used a OneView trial to test and validate digital transformation objectives, give them full control of experience development, and expedite delivery of innovative customer interactions. They expanded an initial proof of concept for scalable pickups to include pay at curb, high volume pickup stores, and delivery from fulfillment centers. 
  • Another brand used OneView’s trial program as a proving ground for how the platform could deliver a mobile checkout experience. They demonstrated how new convenient, secure services would rapidly meet specific business objectives and mitigate risk for efficient planning and execution of what is now a large-scale, full store-transformation program.

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Trailblazing Digital Transformation on a Proven Path

As your development team becomes familiar with the flexibility of a headless unified commerce platform and achieves your free-trial objectives, the stage is set for investing in incremental digital transformation with virtually no risk. 

Your technical team sees how OneView’s cloud-native, headless platform works cohesively with your existing systems to maximize the return from your existing tech stack. In addition, they experience how our API-first microservices framework drives rapid development and delivery of innovative customer experiences in a matter of weeks versus legacy solution development that takes months and years to extend a single new initiative. 

Getting Started 

Once our team meets with your technical and business representatives to understand your challenges and identify a free-trial use case, we’ll have the trial environments ready within a week. From there, your team works on the proof of concept, with final delivery typically after 4 weeks of work. 

Want to Learn More? Download the Free Trial Guide here.




Lexy Johnson

Go-to-market and thought leadership strategist empowering OneView teams to bring exceptional products to market